South Beach Neighborhood

Hotel VIA is at the epicenter of the best of San Francisco.

San Francisco’s South Beach has a rich history as an industrial area of shipping and warehousing that served as the work horse to the City. The Giants created an opportunity for a new era for the neighborhood, which has transformed into luxurious, modern apartments, hip cafes and restaurants, a cutting-edge nightlife and the technology hub of the City. This is all thanks to the quintessential San Francisco spirit of new thinking and rebirth.

Against this up-rise of technological advancement and overall reconstruction, Hotel VIA endeavored to encapsulate the boldness of this renaissance by bringing the area its first hotel and creating a place that would celebrate the old while continuing to evolve with the new. Using modern materials, the design of the building aesthetically blends with the historic neighborhood of brick and steel. The hotel’s minimalist design concept for the guest rooms is inspired by the tony minimalist loft designs of the area and, at the same time, defines the neighborhood to visitors.

    South Beach San Francisco

    The independence of the hotel, both ownership and operation, celebrate the individualism and audacious personality of the neighborhood. In a neighborhood of innovation, Hotel VIA is a hotel with custom designed and custom made furnishings and details, cutting edge technology to enhance each guest experience, and unparalleled public areas to provide residents and visitors extraordinary gathering spaces. Our goal at Hotel VIA was to allow our guests to experience the South Beach neighborhood as they would if they lived here.

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