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Beyond Boutique

Can modern hospitality incorporate all the latest cutting edge technology into their services but still maintain a human touch? That is a question that every consumer-facing company in the 21st century should strive to answer and Hotel VIA is no exception. But utilizing the latest technology is just one of the ways that this chic South Beach hotel will take you on a hospitality adventure that is beyond boutique.

Hotel VIA has a very clear vision in mind: Your stay should be a magical experience that engages all the senses and fills you with joy and excitement. Every aspect of the Hotel VIA experience—everything from the look and feel of the building itself to the location to the guest services—will take each guest on their own unique journey.

One distinct feature of every hotel is always location. Now that you know a little bit about the history, present and future of the South Beach neighborhood that Hotel VIA lives in, you know that this hotel is not lacking when it comes to location. It is a championship neighborhood to be sure. And since Hotel VIA is the only hotel in the area, it’s clear that geographical desirability is a strong suit. But it takes more than an exciting neighborhood filled with fun and interesting things to do to make a hotel special.


Spectacular visual appeal is always an added bonus when you check into any hotel. Hotel VIA will offer a look and feel that you won’t find anywhere else. Every room, bathroom and public area is being built to order. Every design aspect is being handpicked and custom made. This hotel is truly independently owned and operated and it is being designed and built to reflect that.

In the end, what really distinguishes one hotel from the rest is its approach to customer service; and that’s where Hotel VIA intends to shine the brightest. Whatever you require to feel like a rock star, Hotel VIA will be ready to deliver. Our personalized guest services will cater to your individual needs.

The Hotel VIA approach is simple: To define and deliver the perfect blend of warm and friendly old-school hospitality and new-school technology, ultimately creating a unique and personalized customer service experience. You’ll never see a robot roaming the halls but you’ll always be able to rest assured that we are staying on top of the latest technology and utilizing all the best practices to make your stay a perfect one.


Everyone has a story to tell and each of you should be able to create those one-of-a-kind stories in your own unique way; at Hotel VIA you’ll have the freedom to do just that. So whether you’ll be coming to town on business, a vacation or a romantic getaway, Hotel VIA will offer something special for everyone.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates and get ready for a spectacular adventure that goes beyond boutique.

Posted September 15th, 2016

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