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It’s That Time of Year

Spring is coming. It’s that time of year when we need to decide on the perfect destination for our spring break. Do we choose an urban experience full of shopping, sightseeing, museums, theater and great restaurants? Or do we want an outdoor adventure with its very physical and close-to-nature activities? Welcome to San Francisco where […] Read More

Giants Fan Fest 2024

What better way to get ready for another season of Giants baseball then to start with the FanFest at Oracle Park?  The new formatted FanFest ends its four date tour around northern California on March 9th in America’s most beautiful ballpark. Read More

So Near Yet So Far

We’re in the final countdown of 2023. With only 10 days (and counting) left it seems like the year is over. But there’s still so much more excitement and fun and so many reasons to come to San Francisco before we turn the page to 2024. Read More

It’s Time to Give Thanks

November is such a great month. We’re in the heart of the fall season and even though the days are shorter, the cool weather and crispy air is really invigorating. There’s a definite enthusiasm that takes place as we make all our end of the year plans. And best of all, there’s Thanksgiving. This could […] Read More

Holiday Season Already!?

How can we possibly be at the end of 2023? Wasn’t it just 2022 New Year’s Eve? Have we really completed 3 quarters of 2023? Did we really go through an entire baseball season? Well, here we are with only 3 months left and they’re already speeding by. Here we are in those final festive months of holidays and end of year celebrations. Have you made your plans yet? Read More

Hotel VIA has a party for you!

What does one think about when one thinks about St. Patrick’s Day? In a word: FUN! The images of revelers from coast to coast hoisting pints of beer, cheering bagpipers and step dancers and marching bands parading through city streets belies the more religious beginning of an Irish holiday that celebrates the Patron Saint of Ireland. But in a perfect mix of religion, legend, and pride the Irish have shared with all of us all a day to experience specialty foods, revel in great music, dancing and drinking and indulge in a whole lot of green. Read More

Yay! A Holiday Weekend!

Not sure when “Washington’s Birthday” morphed into “Presidents Day” but really…does it matter? Bottom line is that either way it’s a 3-day holiday. And…better make the most of it because it’s the last federal holiday until May. Read More

It’s Finally Back!

Throughout the past couple of years, Hotel VIA has been working in the most conscientious and meticulous manner to safely bring back the beauty, fun and just plain coolness of staying with us. One key element that has been noticeably missing are the neighborhood packages that we developed with our South Beach neighborhood businesses. Read More