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VIA’s Favorite Parks

Most everyone has some nostalgic memories of parks. There were the neighborhood parks where you played as a child. There were, maybe, the special parks that had tennis courts or basketball courts where you practiced a sport until darkness took over. There were also the National Parks where you experienced many wonders of the world. And there was always the park experience where you would go to get away from the urban jungle and have a little time communing with nature. Read More

You May if you can

It’s said that May is the month of transition, new beginnings, fun and celebrations. From beginning to end, San Francisco brings a month of all of the above. Read More

Giants Opening Day 2024

Our favorite day of the year has finally arrived. The Giants are officially back in San Francisco and bringing a whole new look with them this year! If you are still on the fence about coming out for opening weekend it’s time to jump on down to King Street. Let’s count the reasons to be excited about another year of Giants base; 1) Defense is back at 3rd and King! With the addition of Jung Hoo Lee, Matt Chapman and Nick Ahmed there will be plenty of leather being flashed this summer. 2) Homeruns are back on the menu at Oracle Park. Read More

The Party is just beginning…it’s 2024

The Hotel VIA team welcomes you to the New Year. We hope your holidays were beautiful and full of love and happiness. We hope you had a fabulous way to ring out ’23 and bring in ’24. Well, now we are well into the year 2024 and it’s time to get real about those cliched resolutions: “New Year New Me.” You will still be your beautiful self so make the best of it. Read More

It’s Going to be A Great Second Half

2023 is now half way over. Can we believe it?! Summer has just begun and we’re all thinking about vacations, the beach and all the other summer stuff. We’re enjoying the longer days and hoping that everything moves in slow motion so that we can enjoy our summertime. Read More

Memorial Day? No… Memorial Month!

It’s May! It’s that lovely month that bridges spring and summer. From May Day to Mother’s Day to Memorial Day, the month of May begs all of us to get out and make some memories. Allow Hotel VIA to show you the way! Read More

They’re Baaaack…..

It’s that time of year again. We wait the entire fall and winter for this special day. The day when everything seems possible. There’s nothing like the start of a new baseball season. There’s nothing like opening day. On Friday, April 7th, the 2023 Giants debut at home, across the street from Hotel VIA, at Oracle Park. Read More

It’s 2023!

How can this be? Wasn’t it just 2022? But here we are again…auspicious beginnings. We love this time of year! Some people believe that only the present exists, but we think there is no reason we shouldn’t look forward to the future. Come join us at Hotel VIA as we look forward to the excitement of 2023. Read More

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