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Summertime in the City

It’s the Summer of 2022.  Let’s all take a page from Bryan Adams’ song book and make it “the best days of our life.”  After two long years of Covid we all know we deserve it!  And if you’re still a little covid-hesitant, there’s plenty of outdoor adventures that will create a memorable Summer of […] Read More

It’s Small Business Month!

As a small, independent business, we at Hotel VIA know all the challenges of being a small, independent business. We operate in the shadow of every corporate chain, and we need to, somehow, cut through the noise of those large corporate businesses and make ourselves known without the big dollars to do the marketing. We […] Read More

It Happens Every Spring

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we’re not busting out Christmas carols in March…we’re talking about the real most wonderful time of the year – the beginning of baseball season. The past couple of Covid years have certainly thrown us some curveballs about if we’d have a season and what kind of season would it be. And coming into this season there were some additional causes of concern. But for a second year in a row, those doubts have once again given way to another 162 game season and baseball fans everywhere are ready to bring on those boys of summer. Read More

Welcome Back!

It’s March! Under normal circumstances we all look forward to the month of March. It’s the month of rebirth as winter ends and spring begins. The days get longer and the weather gets warmer. This year, March 2022, the month brings an even more extraordinary reason to get out and celebrate. As the winter hibernation […] Read More

An Ode to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most beautiful holidays of the year. It’s a moment in time where we gather, without the stress of gift giving, with our families and special friends just to reflect on things for which we are most grateful. And no matter how difficult or challenging the year may have been, there are always moments, people and/or experiences that we can find to be thankful for. Read More

Pride Movie Night at Oracle Park

No conventions. No weddings. No parades. No graduation, birthday, anniversary celebrations. It’s been 15 months of NO FUN! But suddenly things are looking better. Especially outdoor activities. Things are starting to open up. And although there are still restrictions, there are some fun things starting to happen. Read More

What Makes A City Unique

hat makes a city unique? Natural resources and man-made wonders are part of it. But the real character of what makes a city unique are more nuanced. The real character of a city is it’s people and the businesses they create for everyone to enjoy. These are not the big corporate chains…these are the small, personalized and uniquely wonderful businesses that both respect and reflect the city in which they thrive. Read More

Hotel VIA’s Top 5 Returns

It’s time to start thinking about a return to the way it used to be – only one short year ago! We should especially start going back to some activities that are 100% guaranteed Covid safe. With that in mind, we at Hotel VIA are bringing back our monthly Top 5 list. When we created this monthly communication we weren’t really sure whether we were suggesting the Top 5 reasons to come to San Francisco or the Top 5 things we love about San Francisco or the Top 5 things that are unique about San Francisco. When we created this list it was just a thing that we, the Hotel VIA family, think about that bring us happy thoughts and make us want to get out and do something fun. Read More