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It’s That Time of Year

Spring is coming. It’s that time of year when we need to decide on the perfect destination for our spring break. Do we choose an urban experience full of shopping, sightseeing, museums, theater and great restaurants? Or do we want an outdoor adventure with its very physical and close-to-nature activities? Welcome to San Francisco where you can have it all.

San Francisco has all of the urban amenities that people look for when choosing to visit a major world city. Beautiful attractions like the bridges, ocean and bay, hills and beautiful architecture. The shopping is fabulous and it has a wide ranging theater scene. The City boasts major league sports, world class museums, and, as a well recognized “foodie” city, its eclectic dining scene is world renowned.

But what about the adventures that beckon from those less urban, more out-doorsy locales?Look no further than San Francisco where you can have these less “citified” experiences within the friendly confines of our densely urban metropolis.

One may not think of horseback riding in a city like San Francisco, but you can do it. Ride through scenic Golden Gate Park or on Ocean Beach with the ocean breeze in the air. Either guarantees a beautiful day and no riding experience is necessary. Oh, and before you leave Golden Gate Park, don’t miss the herd of buffalo that have resided in one area of the Park since 1892. Yes, a herd of real American bison roaming the park.

Did you ever think of experiencing the art of trapeze? San Francisco has a Circus School and they have classes in flying trapeze, static trapeze and other circus arts. Not on the typical list of urban adventures but an adventure for sure.

As a city at the tip of a peninsula, San Francisco is surrounded on three sides by water. This means that your urban adventure can include some very exciting non-urban water experiences. Harness up and try kitesurfing or be a little bolder and try windsurfing. The wind and the San Francisco Bay create the perfect opportunity. Or rent a kayak. From the experienced to the novice, there are kayaking classes and opportunities for all levels.

The City by the Bay has some beautiful hikes and to be a little more prepared there are rock climbing and bouldering classes to get you prepared.

These may not be the activities that you’d think of when planning a trip to San Francisco, but they are all here for everyone to explore, enjoy and enhance the typical urban experience.

Spring break is coming. San Francisco is beckoning. And Hotel VIA is the perfect location to call home no matter what’s on the agenda for the day. Stay with us and come back each evening for cocktails and bites on our rooftop lounge as you take in the views and recount a very special urban adventure.

Hotel VIA, at the intersection of sports, entertainment and technology. Book that spring break trip now.

Posted February 22nd, 2024

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