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The End of The Beginning

The World Series has come to an end. We now enter the season where the world gets palpably less interesting during this long, dark period between the last game of the World Series and next year when pitchers and catchers report.

During this course of baseball withdrawal, however, our San Francisco Giants have given us much to remember, rejoice and look forward to in 2022. It’s hard to remember now that when the 2021 season first started only about 8,000 fans were allowed into the ballpark and every analyst ignored the Giants. San Francisco was mired in endless Covid restrictions and closures and the baseball world of seers wouldn’t even consider the Giants as contenders.

Against all the experts’ prognostications, however, the Giants gave baseball fans, the City of San Francisco and the entire world of baseball the thrill that we needed to shake some of the Covid weariness out of us for a while.

Taking the national League West on the last day of the regular season with 107 wins. The best team in major league baseball. The most home runs in the National League. Second best ERA in the majors. A record 18 pinch-hit homers. The achievements of the 2021 Giants go on and on and are stunning.

Every level of the organization contributed to this amazing year from the front office to the minor leagues. The new players and the veterans turned in equally brilliant performances and every game had a different hero. It was a first class performance by a group who truly personified the meaning of TEAM. Best of all, they have all the elements of building on this success and getting us to the ultimate goal…another World Series win.

In a city that has been struggling to find a bright spot amid the ongoing depression of Covid, the Giants gave us the shot in the arm that brought back some light, excitement, and energy that we so desperately have been needing.

So, on behalf of all of us at Hotel VIA and all of the enthusiastic fans who stayed with us, ate with us, and drank with us during this incredible 2021 season…thank you to our Giants for the much needed and refreshing adventure you took us all on. The end of the 2021 season feels like the beginning of better things to come. Get your tickets and book your rooms now for 2022!

Posted November 4th, 2021

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