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It Happens Every Spring at Hotel VIA

You might not be aware of this splash of good news because, although the days have dragged and dragged over the course of the past 12 months, the year itself has crawled along at the pace of a solitary-confinement sentence at Alcatraz. But believe it or not, you could look it up: the Giants’ home opener is right around the corner, April 9th, versus the Colorado Rockies. And I don’t think anybody would argue: the Rockies are a team we can beat!

And given the important, tangible role that the game of baseball plays in the lifting of the American spirit anytime, let alone covid time, we at the Via Hotel don’t want you to miss that Giants-Rockies home opener…or any of the other 80 showdowns the Giants will be hosting at majestic Oracle Park over the course of the summer of 2021.

So consider this a reminder from all of us at your service at the Via Hotel—even though we’re directly across the street from the ballpark, which, should the game go into extra innings, virtually eliminate any chance of your getting a DUI on the way to your bed, even more important is that, like the Giants and Oracle Park, we’re clean, we’re healthy, and we’re safe.

In a different spring, we might be using this space to boast about our bright, handsome, spirit-lifting, modern design, or our staff’s careful attention to your every request, or to the glorious 360-degree view from our rooftop bar, but this year we will direct our bragging elsewhere—to Hotel VIA’s HVAC system (which is state of the art and designed to provide each guest room with its own air flow), and to informing you that each room in the hotel is equipped with its own air-intake and exhaust system so that guests are not sharing the same air with other guests, and on top of this, to letting you know that each room features a high-level filter system designed to block out the highest level of virus possible. And to our Lifesaver award from the 2020 Giants for the role we played last year in keeping them the healthiest team in the MLB.

So come on over! It’s springtime, and baseball is back, with all the winter blues, blows, blahs, burdens, and bad luck now behind us!

Well, mostly behind anyway.

But, again, baseball is back! And so is the Hotel Via.

It’s worth keeping in mind that baseball is a 4-letter word: HOPE. Although the 2021 Giants are currently a work in progress, and the Dodgers and Padres look pretty foreboding, the springtime doesn’t know that. At the ballpark, just as at the Hotel VIA, in the springtime anything is possible.

And to check out what “anything” might be, we invite you to get to a game and spend a little time with us soon.

Posted March 25th, 2021

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