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It’s 2023!

How can this be? Wasn’t it just 2022? But here we are again…auspicious beginnings. We love this time of year! Some people believe that only the present exists, but we think there is no reason we shouldn’t look forward to the future. Come join us at Hotel VIA as we look forward to the excitement of 2023. Read More

2023 Already?

Can we believe it?!  Weren’t we just celebrating the arrival of 2022?  Now here we are on the brink of a whole new year!  We spent the 2022 year rebuilding, recovering and celebrating each milestone along that path.  And now it’s time again for those auspicious beginnings.  A world series title for the Giants?  Another NBA title for the Warriors?  The end of inflation?  Will Rage Against The Machine finally make their return to the Bay Area. Everything is possible as we look forward to a new year. Read More

Hotel VIA’s Holiday Treat

Borrowing from an old classic…it’s the most wonderful time of the year and Hotel VIA has a special treat for our guests. Our 2022 Holiday Package is a celebration of this wonderful time of year with an eye on the beginning of the Giants 2023 baseball season. Read More

‘Tis the Season

Everyone is aware of the four seasons and the changes that come with each.  Here at Hotel VIA we have two seasons that bring an elevated level of excitement:  Baseball season and Basketball season.  Our 2022 baseball season is over but on Tuesday, 10/18, our basketball season begins. The NBA Champion Warriors open at the […] Read More

Summertime in the City

It’s the Summer of 2022.  Let’s all take a page from Bryan Adams’ song book and make it “the best days of our life.”  After two long years of Covid we all know we deserve it!  And if you’re still a little covid-hesitant, there’s plenty of outdoor adventures that will create a memorable Summer of ’22. Read More

It’s Small Business Month!

As a small, independent business, we at Hotel VIA know all the challenges of being a small, independent business. We operate in the shadow of every corporate chain, and we need to, somehow, cut through the noise of those large corporate businesses and make ourselves known without the big dollars to do the marketing. We must build and maintain a product that is superior to the big budget businesses even though we must do it on a small business budget. But the great thing is that we have the independence to create a wonderful and memorable experience that exceeds our guests’ expectations. Read More

It Happens Every Spring

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we’re not busting out Christmas carols in March…we’re talking about the real most wonderful time of the year – the beginning of baseball season. The past couple of Covid years have certainly thrown us some curveballs about if we’d have a season and what kind of season would it be. And coming into this season there were some additional causes of concern. But for a second year in a row, those doubts have once again given way to another 162 game season and baseball fans everywhere are ready to bring on those boys of summer. Read More

Welcome Back!

It’s March! Under normal circumstances we all look forward to the month of March. It’s the month of rebirth as winter ends and spring begins. The days get longer and the weather gets warmer. This year, March 2022, the month brings an even more extraordinary reason to get out and celebrate. As the winter hibernation ends, we are moving on from our Covid-created reclusion. Mask mandates are dropping. Restrictions are being lifted. There is a steady decline in cases and advances in prevention and treatment. With this backdrop, the Chase Center offers Hotel VIA’s top 5 reasons to get to San Francisco and the Chase Center this month. Read More